What is a company that begun with an immigrant feather merchant over 100 years ago doing on the Web? Quite simply, Sichel has always been pushing the envelope and pioneering new techniques to provide the finest quality products with the best service and support.
Whether it involves equipment advances or new technology in components, we continue to seek new ways to enhance quality, improve consistency and increase value for our customers. High quality and reasonable cost add up to the true value our clients expect.
Our reputation for innovation has brought many "firsts" our way. Progressive suppliers brought us their newly developing products for field tests and production models. Sichel was a leader in sewing coated fabrics for the healthcare industry, an early producer fo natural latex mattresses, and had one of the first labratories for testing ignition of bedding by cigarettes.
More recently, we have assisted in developing mattresses that will withstand direct flame contact from a prop[ane tourch for a full three minutes without igniting.

We also have many "lasts" in our history. We are the last in the Northeast to offer special sizes and shapes in foam, innerspring and latex construction with either tru box spring or foundation bases. We are the last to offer knowledgable suggestions in maintaining old beds with modern, comfortable bedding. We are the lasst to take time with clients that have a problem, seeking solutions through design or components.
Many designers and decorators have chosen us based on ther confidence that we treat their clients fairly and openly. Facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes have chosen us based on value and durability and on the assurance that they have the latest designs.
Schools know that they will receive their exact specifications and will receive the product on time. Most importantly, clients come back based on past experience and refer friends to us.
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